Why “Crafting Connections”

Our mission is to provide adults and the young children in their lives with crafting projects and community space through the Crafting Connections publications and website.  These spaces promote, teach and strengthen connections with our natural world, our children, ourselves and our community.

By using natural elements to create, we connect with our natural world in the most basic way – exploring with our senses and using our hands to make something new.  In the process of creation – brainstorming, decisions, successes and even failures – we can also forge a deeper connection and understanding of ourselves.

For our little people, the process of creation through crafting can bridge literature, science, and art; creating connections that are both meaningful and exciting.  This manner of learning is organic and helps set the framework for lifelong learners seeking answers through reading, questioning and creating.

As adults, it is easy to get stuck in a rut – emotionally, creatively, physically – crafting helps us to discover things about ourselves that we may not have known before.  Working with our hands and souls in new and focused ways forces us to dig deeper, to grow, and to continue to learn.

As a community, the connections made through a shared experience of growth, creativity, learning, and even frustration can enrich one’s life as ideas are exchanged and accolades given.

It is our hope that the name Crafting Connections encapsulates these goals and allows us all to grow together as we head down this new and exciting path.


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