Making an Adventure Trail

Sidewalk chalk paint is a great way to enjoy these cooler summer days (when you don’t melt every time you step outside) and is a fun twist on your typical outdoor chalk.  Take it a step farther by letting your little one take you on an Adventure Trail that they create.  By letting your toddler or preschooler lead the way, you both are sure to go on a grand adventure.  And when you are ready to head back?  Just follow your trail home!

(Is this your first project with us?  Be sure to read a Letter to the Grown-Ups before you begin!)

You will need:

(Can your child find the objects pictured below?)

1/4 cup of corn starch
1/4 cup of water
food coloring
container with a tight fitting lid
(optional) bucket

What To Do:

(Can your child follow along with the pictures below?)

Step 1: Pour the 1/3-1/2 cup of water into a container.

chalk paint - add water |

Step 2: Add 1/4 cup of corn starch to the water.

add cornstarch - chalk paint |

Step 3: Add a few drops of food coloring, making it as light or dark as you would like.
(Psst – we tried this with washable tempera paint too, but found that the tempera-colored sidewalk paint didn’t wash away easily, so we suggest that you stick with food coloring.  If you are concerned about staining, use just a little bit of food coloring – your paint will be more pastel, but will easily wash away.)

add foodcoloring |

Step 4: Shake it up!

shake it up |

Invite over a friend and have them shake it up too!!

share your paint with friends |

Making an Adventure Trail

Now from here you could certainly go out and do some lovely sidewalk painting, but how about pouring your paint into a take-along bucket and making an Adventure Trail instead?! Paints can be carried by big (adults) or little people.  Let the kiddos lead the way!

go for an adventure walk |

Explore More:

Where do you want your Adventure Trail to go?
Why are you going there?
Are you looking for something?
What can you paint to mark your path?

paint a trail | sidewalk shalk painting |

Make Connections

What else could you use to make an Adventure Trail?
Have you read any books about people going on a walk, hike, or adventure?  What happened?
Have you ever seen an Adventure Trail made by someone else?  Where was it?

wash away your trail |

The (optional) final step is to wash away your art and trail – your slate will be clean and ready for another Adventure Trail tomorrow!

Connect with us

So how did your Adventure Trail turn out?  Where did you go?  What did you choose to paint?  Please share your stories and pictures in the comments section or on our Facebook page – we look forward to connecting with you there.


  1. says

    Lovely photos… we made some sidewalk chalk paint a few weeks ago and ended up using it for splatter painting. I love the idea of giving them the sprayer to hose it down at the end. My kids would love that.



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