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Remember Vashti? Remember how much trouble she had making her mark? To really get started living your creative life you need a handful of tools (not to mention space and time, we’ll tackle those later).

When I speak of creative tools, I’m not speaking solely of the obvious physical supplies. Physical tools are important, of course, but they can also be simple. You can get started creating and making with tools that most people already have around the house – pen and paper, paint and brushes, scissors and glue. Lack of tools, at least in the supply sense, is rarely a road block to creating.

Lack of tools of the more abstract variety, however, can stop creativity dead in its tracks.

Vashti had the physical tools for making – pen and paper – but she needed a few of the more abstract tools in her creative toolbox before she was able to begin. She needed inspiration and encouragement just to get started.

Vashti’s teacher inspired her with the words, “just make a mark and see where it takes you.” She encouraged her by displaying her work in a place of import – a swirly gold frame hanging above her desk.

We hope that we can add a little inspiration and encouragement to your creative toolbox with a simple project focused on the process – creating for the sake of creating.

You already have the tools, or can easily find them. All you need to do is set aside 5-10 minutes and make some marks. Allow yourself to create, even if it is a single dot on the paper.

Make a mark and see where it takes you.

What You’ll Need

Gathering Supplies : :

Blank paper
Writing implement
(pen, marker, crayon)

What To Do

Ready your space. Place a blank sheet of paper in front of you (and your little one). Yes, you get your own sheet. Show your little on how you live an authentic, creative life, by making alongside them.

Make some marks. Whether you use your writing implement to draw, the newspaper and glue to collage, or some combination of the two, it doesn’t matter. Just make a mark on that paper, see where it leads.

Works in Progress : :

Let it dry.

Display it. When your piece is finished and dry, place it in a place of import. Your work and the work of your little one. Seeing it up there, in a proud place, will remind you that your work – your creative work – is important. That the act of creating, the choice to take 5-10 minutes to do so, is important and worthwhile.

Explore More

Repeat the above exercise, this time adding a new tool. How will that tool change the experience?
How will your process vary?

Share your art – whether it be this piece or another one. Vashti shared her collection of dots in an exhibition for her classmates.
Who will you share your work with? Why have you chosen them?

Reading Connections

In The Dot, Vashti started with a single black dot on a white sheet of paper. From there she created a whole collection of work.
Based on your first work, how could you create a whole collection?

Who do you know that needs a little creative inspiration or encouragement? How can you support them?

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