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Crafting Connections Preschool friends reading Extra Yarn :: craftingconnections.net

If you have Winter Cozy, you’ve seen this beautiful book in the reading list and Reading Connections in the simple sewing leggings project. But even if you haven’t had a chance to check out Winter Cozy, this book is a must for your book shelf! In the words of my husband, the simple way to describe Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett is that it is about a little girl who yarn-bombs her whole town. In actuality, it is, of course, about so much more.

It’s about believing in creativity and it’s transformative power.

Extra Yarn animals wearing sweaters :: craftingconnections.net


It’s about believing in the abilities of our children to be kind, to be giving, to teach us a thing or two. It’s about true wealth (not just money).

Extra Yarn girl, dog and yarn :: craftingconnections.net


And it’s about seeing the possibility of beauty in everything, no matter how “normal” or mundane.

Extra Yarn cats in tree wearing sweaters :: craftingconnections.net

As an aside, I also always want to learn to knit (again) when we read this book together – I have dreams of hand-knit cowls!

So have you read Extra Yarn? What does it inspire in you?

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