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Crafting Connections Preschool friends reading Extra Yarn :: craftingconnections.net

If you have Winter Cozy, you’ve seen this beautiful book in the reading list and Reading Connections in the simple sewing leggings project. But even if you haven’t had a chance to check out Winter Cozy, this book is a must for your book shelf! In the words of my husband, the simple way to describe Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett is that it is about a little girl who yarn-bombs her whole town. In actuality, it is, of course, about so much more.

It’s about believing in creativity and it’s transformative power.

Extra Yarn animals wearing sweaters :: craftingconnections.net


It’s about believing in the abilities of our children to be kind, to be giving, to teach us a thing or two. It’s about true wealth (not just money).

Extra Yarn girl, dog and yarn :: craftingconnections.net


And it’s about seeing the possibility of beauty in everything, no matter how “normal” or mundane.

Extra Yarn cats in tree wearing sweaters :: craftingconnections.net

As an aside, I also always want to learn to knit (again) when we read this book together – I have dreams of hand-knit cowls!

So have you read Extra Yarn? What does it inspire in you?


  1. says

    We picked it up at the library on our last visit and love it.



    Andrea Reply:

    Oh I’m so glad you have been enjoying it! I especially love that the only color in the book is all the yarn.


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    We love-love-love this book! I picked it up at the little bookshop down the street from my parents’ house this summer and put it away until a few weeks ago. Such a nice winter read. My children love that Annabelle knits for everyone and everything and never runs out of yarn. (Reminds them of mama!)

    I was so glad to see it featured in your Winter issue because it is such a lovely book! xo



    Andrea Reply:

    Danielle is the big knitter in our little duo – I am always the knitter-wanna-be :) I love that your little ones equate Annabelle to you – hooray for bringing beauty into the world one knit-and-perl at a time!


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