Mini-Mag #8 : : Woven Washi Notebooks

This month’s mini-magazine is a lovely, 10-minute project, just for the grown-ups. A perfect way to sneak in some creative time for yourself!

With the same lovely layout, our mini-magazines are designed to be a fun peek into what our full-size Crafting Connections magazines are like – an easy way to see if you like what we have to offer. Print it out or view it on your e-reader – either way, we’re sure you will love it!

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Woven Washi Tape Notebook |

Woven Washi Tape Notebook |

With all that there is to do in this season of life, as mothers to young boys and girls, it can be hard to find time for creativity of our own between loads of laundry and washing dishes. But creativity of your own doesn’t have to take a lot of time and it is important. This month’s mini-magazine is just for you, the grown-ups, a little way for you to sneak in a bit of creativity of your own and get a lovely looking notebook of your own.

This downloadable mini-magazine has a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own woven washi tape notebook, ideas for your notebook once it’s finished, and ways to include little ones – if they insist on making a notebook of their own!

Woven Washi Tape Notebook |


Woven Washi Tape Notebook |

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