The Dot : : Making Your Own Mark

Today I want to introduce you to Vashti.

Vashti from "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds : :
Vashti is the main character in the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds.

At the beginning off the story, Vashti finds herself at the end of an art class with a blank sheet of paper.

“I just can’t draw,” she says to her art teacher.

"I Just Can't Draw" : :
And in that moment I can totally relate to Vashti. Who hasn’t had that blank page in front of them, just waiting to be filled with marks? It can be intimidating, really. We can psyche ourselves out, sometimes so much that we don’t even start. What if I mess up? What if it doesn’t turn out the way I hope?

But even with those hesitations and hang-ups, Vashti had a teacher that insisted she make a mark. And sign it.

Sometimes you just have to start.

And Vashti did. One single black dot in a sea of white with her name signed on the bottom.

And once you start, you might be surprised to see where it all takes you.

For Vashti, what started as a single black dot, a seemingly simple even arguably non-creative act, became so much more. A whole collection of dots – some big, some small, some solid, some striped.

Text and Illustration from "The Dot" : :
Once she started, she just couldn’t stop.

And we’d argue that once you start making, once you get the courage to make a mark on the paper, put needle to fabric, shape something out of play-doh, you’ll keep going. Just like Vashti.

Come on by on Wednesday. We’ll be sharing a process-based project for you to do side-by-side with your little ones and giving you a few tools to help you get started making your own creative mark. See you then!


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