Last week, during a quiet moment, I read this lovely article on Being :: In Winter and I loved it, I connected to it, I totally feel the same way…in December, in January. But by February I’m feeling antsy – ready – for some green. And by March spring cannot come soon enough.

So I’m snuggling in with my winter cozy, I’m trying new porridge recipes, and we’re taking snowy walks by the day. Yes, I do want to stay present in this moment, this season…but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start looking for the subtle signs of what’s to come among the beautiful moments of the everyday.

It’s in the warmth of the sun and the mud under my boots.
mud boots in spring :: craftingconnections.net

It’s in the afternoon sun staying up a touch later, day-by-day.
kid jumping on couch :: craftingconnections.net

And in the early morning pink of the sunrise so we can play.
girl playing block :: craftingconnections.net

It’s in my inspirations, dreaming of warm-weather projects and brighter colors.
stack of fabric :: craftingconnections.net

If I look I can see it – spring – peeking around the corner, whispering on the wind, buzzing just beneath the surface getting ready to burst forth.

I love winter, but soon. soon. it will be spring. I see it – do you?

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