For You, the Creative Mother

What we call little things are merely the causes of great things.

– Henri Frederic Amiel

10 ways you are succeeding as a creative mother via Crafting Connections

Here are 10 ways you, creative mother, are embracing all those sweet little things (and little ones) that have come into your life, feeling their greatness, and succeeding in so many more ways than you probably know.

You share words of bravery and encouragement, lifting up fellow mamas in our own times of questioning and need.

You give voice to the many things – big and small – to be thankful for in the day.

You continue to practice the very things we are teaching our little ones – honesty, gratitude, love, patience.

You think about your work/life (family) balance – you think about it a lot, and you know there are no easy answers, but you do the very best you can – making the best choice for your family.

You provide the space and opportunity for your little one to put words to big things – big concepts, big emotions, big experiences – encouraging careful looking and seeing from different perspectives.

You are kind to your little ones, even when it’s really (really) hard.

You notice the little things that affect your children, whether they are aware of it or not, even if it’s as simple as the color of a toy.

You practice the art of listening – in those quiet, unexpected moments, when little ones choose to bare their soul – you listen, even when your own heart is overflowing with emotion, you listen.

You know that this role of mother is both everything, and yet, just a part of who you are. So you’re seeking out others – connecting and talking about the other parts of you – your interests, your passions, your creativity.

You lead by example, knowing (or not) that your little ones find you fascinating – the things you do, the beauty you create, the words you speak, they take it all in. And you do your best to be the person you hope your children will want to become.

 And so, creative mothers, here’s to you. To all the little things you do – each day – to create the greatness that is your family, your little ones, your work, yourself, your life.


  1. AndreaAndrea says

    Thank you girls – these posts and bloggers are simply some of my favorites – places I can turn when needing a pick-me-up, a smile, to feel a connection, or just to relax :)


  2. says

    you know, I just wanted to say that i still love this post…it made me smile again upon reading it for the second time…funnily, i did not realize the first time that I was the person who was thankful for little things :) thank you so much for recognizing my thankful post :)



    Andrea Reply:

    Oh that’s funny Jane! I love your gratitude posts and that you post them all year long :)



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