Dreamcatchers | a 10-min project

There are times in our lives with little ones that we feel frazzled, things seem to be coming apart at the seams, and everyone (everyone) needs to take a breath. These are the moments – when we are wondering if we are doing any of it right – that as mothers, we need to feel we are succeeding in some way. That’s where our 10 minute projects come into play – activities that don’t take a lot of time, or supplies, to put together. We offer projects that create that time to breathe, to connect, or even, to reset your day.

dreamcatchers | a 10 minute project by Crafting Connections


The Story

Up until she was 2, my daughter insisted on sleeping in pitch blackness. Then, something happened – a neurological switch flipped, emotional growth took place, imagination expanded – and suddenly, the dark became a very scary place for her. Since then we have put in night lights and soothing noise machines, pulled in special stuffed animals and made sure the room does not get too warm, but still the nights can be scary.

A few months ago, I received a small dreamcatcher in the mail. After explaining the premise behind the dreamcatcher we hung it up and, like magic, the nightmares seemed to disappear with the light of day. But like any well-loved toy, the little dreamcatcher soon became worn – loosing its feathers and beads – until one day it was gone (probably lost to that same place single socks go!)

And that’s how I found myself in that frazzled place – after countless rainy days we were all feeling worn out. I grabbed some close-by supplies and set up my 3 year old. (The thing that made this project particularly special was the lace she chose – from a stash my grandmother had given me many years ago – it seems fitting for it to now be transformed into comforting for my own little one.)

It was only meant to be a 10 minute project – she worked diligently for nearly an hour – and in the end we both came out feeling like we had succeeded. We had sat, side by side, chatting, connecting and crafting – something we both so desperately needed.

box of vintage lace for dreamcatcher via craftingconnections.net

You Will Need

Embroidery hoop

Lace, open-weave or thin fabric

Blunt needle




Hint 1: The lace or fabric provides a way for your child to create the web pattern of the dream catcher. Older children should be able to loop the yarn around the outside of the hoop without fabric if none is available.

Hint 2: No blunt needle? No problem! You can fashion a blunt needle out of masking tape or even a pipe-cleaner, so long as you are using a very open-weave fabric or lace.

What To Do

Place your lace or fabric between the two embroidery hoops. Trim off the excess around the edges.

vintage lace in an embroidery hoop for dreamcatcher project via craftingconnections.net

Knot one end of the yarn and have your child stitch it up through a spot in the fabric. Using a whip stitch, have your little one stitch around the outside of the hoop and up through the bottom.

girl stitching yarn and adding beads for dreamcatcher project via craftingconnections.net

Have your little one add a few beads to each stitch.

Continue stitching all the way around the hoop. Add stitching and detail to the middle of the hoop as well. Really, there is no way to go wrong here!

dreamcatcher, feathers and yarn via craftingconections.net

Once your little one is done stitching around, you can add the hanging feathers. Cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches long. Have your child choose a few feathers and tie them on to one end. String some beads onto the other end of the yarn and put them down over the tips of the feathers. Sting the yarn through the bottom of the hoop a couple of times, then add a few more beads. Tie on another few feathers and then move the beads you just put on back down, again covering the exposed feather tips.

You’re done! Hang it up, admire your work, enjoy your day.

10 minute dreamcatcher project via craftingconnections.net

Explore More

Dreamcatchers are traditionally decorated with “sacred items” – what things are so very special to you?
Could you use any of them to decorate your dreamcatcher?

Make Connections

What did you dream about last night? Ask your grown-up what they dreamt about.
Where do you think your dreams come from? What would you like to dream about tonight?

dreamcatcher above a toddler bed via craftingconnections.net


  1. AndreaAndrea says

    Pipe cleaners are a great idea Jane! I’d love to see a picture of your dreamcatchers, if you’d like to share. I think I may need to make one of my own for our room – I just love how they look.


  2. says

    These are absolutely beautiful! I’m going to link to this on my blog next week. I’m just blown away by how cool these are!



    Andrea Reply:

    Melissa – thanks so much! They are so easy to make, and the many-minutes of quiet concentration is just lovely (for both you and your little one!) We hope your readers enjoy them as well (feel free to use one of the pictures too, if you’d like)


  3. crafty grandma says

    OMG! How wonderful…as a child, I remember having nightmares and my mom and made one. My nightmares disappeared. For the past 4 years (since the passing of my mom) my nightmares and/or sleepless nights have become unbearable. By coincidence this article has popped into my in-box. I also found several lace doilies my mom crocheted and several broken beaded necklaces of hers. Coincidence or message?? Will give it a try for sure and make one! Hopefully the nightmares will disappear. LOL! Thanks for share the brilliant idea even though it was meant for children!



    Andrea Reply:

    Oh I’m so glad this project spoke to you! I think a grown-up version would be just beautiful – and actually plan on making one for myself as well (I’ve loved dreamcatchers since I was a child as well). I am so sorry about the loss of your mom. It is amazing, however, how cathartic making can be – I hope the creative process and dreamcatcher help you to stitch lovely thoughts and memories of your mom into your creation, that your nights once again become restful, and your nightmares disappear. xo, Andrea



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