Creativity is Important

Little One works at a sewing machine with his mama |

We’ve talked a lot a lot about creativity around here. We’ve shown how easy it can be to find the space and make the time for creating. We’ve talked about how it doesn’t have to be big – no gallery exhibitions necessary!!! – that it can just be dinner. And while we haven’t really mentioned that it is fun, I think that goes without saying (and our pictures attest to that fact!).

What we’ve hardly made mention of is how important it is. And it is. Super important, actually. And we’re not the only ones who think so.

“Creativity means having the confidence that you will be able to find an answer, whatever the situation might be. While using creativity can be fun, relaxing, and profitable I think the bottom line is that being creative makes you a problem solver. If we think of creativity as problem solving, it’s easy to see why creativity in our kids is so important. Since it is impossible to know what situations or opportunities will be presented to our kids, we want them to be prepared to creatively handle anything that may come along.” – Jillian Riley via Lasso the Moon

And that is why some authorities are starting to say that creativity might just be the number one skill of the 21st century. Giving kids the time and space to be creative means we are giving them the tools they’ll need to tackle any problems that may come their way – in their own personal lives, in the communities they live in, and in the world that they are a part of.

“My contention is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with same status” – Sir Ken Robinson

Creativity is important for your little ones. But it is important for you too. Because you are the best example that your little ones have. You have the opportunity to show and lead them down the path to living a creative life, to developing those creative skills they’ll need to conquer the problems they face in the future.

And we hope that we can help.

We hope to help by continuing to have conversations here, conversations that help you think about creativity, its importance and its role in your life. We hope to continue providing you with inspiration, to fuel your own creativity and to get you started creating with your little ones. We hope to give you the tools you need – both helpful tips and projects – to help you feel capable and confident when creating whether on your own or with your little ones.

Because creativity is important. And a heckuva lot of fun.


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