Creative Moments : : Danielle’s Home

This week we are giving you a peek into our own homes – at our creative spaces, messes and moments.  Andrea went first, sharing a few glimpses into their creative spaces and today’s my turn.

Quotation Painting : :

Painting Supplies : :

A Brand New Uke : :

Toddler Drawing : :


Window Snowflakes : :

Stacked Linocut Blocks : :

Christmas Cards and Ornaments : :

Painted Story Stones : :

Creating Long Tunnels : : Finished Block Prints : :

Window Drawings : :

You can tell in my glimpses that creativity is messy. I know what a struggle it can be to welcome in more creativity and more mess, especially when living with a little one or two (or three…). But I would argue that it is worth it.

What is one way you are willing to invite creativity in, welcoming the mess that comes along with it, in 2013?


  1. says

    Oh it’s lovely! I can see all the creativity and love you are encouraging in your home. Looks like a place I want to come and visit and have a cup of tea while the kids play … wish we could do that!



    Danielle Reply:

    Oh, Stacy, if you’re ever in our neck of the woods – or we in yours – that would be so very lovely! I can just picture all the lovely, though messy, fun the kids would have!


  2. says

    Oh, it does look like a lovely home filled with warmth and creativity! I have to say, that for the most part, I like a tidy (not necessarily clean) house..but I am, for some reason not at all afraid of the mess that comes from being creative! :)


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