Creative Oops | a 10-Minute Project

A Beautiful Oops | a ten-minute project by

My little ones love A Beautiful Oops. They love the pictures. They love the dog-ears. They love the holes. And I love reading it to them. When I’m finding myself in a bit of a creative slump it’s a book I turn to. It’s the perfect reminder to me – the grown-up – that creative magic… 

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Sourdough Pancakes & Strawberry Sauce

strawberry feature image

First, a quick welcome to those visiting for the first time! We are so, so pleased to have had the opportunity to share instructions for getting started with sourdough and making some delightful pancakes! We’re glad you’ve found your way here because there’s more to share! One of my favorite things about food is the… 

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Winter Wonders : : Making an Ice Wreath

Making an Ice Wreath |

Sometimes you just need a little something to brighten up the winter. Pops of color in what is, otherwise, a stark landscape. This wreath, is just the thing. Something made possible by the cold winter weather, but something that brightens it up just a tad, as well. What You’ll Need Bundt pan A smaller mold… 

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Making Action Dice

Action dice by

Last week we talked about the how’s and why’s for including the younger ones in the projects you’ve been finding here. I talked generally about ways to adapt projects and specifically about including them when you’re growing beans and making leaf prints. Today we are making action dice. It’s a project that we’ve come up… 

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Nature Table Boxes


When you set up your nature table using the fall issue of Crafting Connections, it says you’ll need “containers and vessels.” Talk about vague, right?! We were purposefully vague in the hopes that you’d scavenge around your house looking for little containers that you already had – mason jars, small boxes, little baskets – rather… 

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