DIY Dresser Drawer Labels

Crafting Connections - Hand Painted DIY Dresser Drawer Labels

I’m always looking for ways to simplify. Crafty ways to organize and streamline. And in the quest to simplify, organize and streamline; projects get bonus points if it makes life with little ones easier. And these dresser labels do JUST THAT. Whether they are just becoming independent in getting dressed or they are starting to… 

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DIY Wooden Block Buildings

Crafting Connections - DIY Wooden Town

Andrea and I have both been doing a whole lot of purging in our homes. All of a sudden it seems two things are happening. First, our kids are transitioning; toys that used to beloved favorites are becoming increasingly irrelevant. The joy, and sorrow, of growing it seems. Also, we are both finding ourselves in a place… 

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Johanna Winter-Harper :: Creative Life Interview

Johanna Winter-Harper : Creative Life Interview

Today we are excited to continue our interview series with creative individuals and families we love! There is so much inspiration and creative goodness in the world – we don’t want to keep it to ourselves! For this series, we’re chatting with amazing individuals on what their creative lives look like and what they’re listening to right now (and… 

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