Reaching for the Grail | Conquering a Quilt

Close-Up of Quilting | craftingconnections

I got my first sewing machine while I was recovering from an unexpected surgery early in my 20’s. After two weeks at home sleeping and binge-watching my way through the entire Six Feet Under series, my husband came home to find me in tears. I still needed to be home recovering for another 4-6 weeks and I was… 

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Reflections on Traveling Light

Reflections on Traveling Light - my recent experiences and discoveries

I’m writing this post to you from the road. For the past 17 days I’ve been on a great whirlwind family and friend visiting, wedding attending, summer celebrating tour of the Midwest. And, as always happens when traveling, I’ve gotten a chance to step away from the day-to-day routine of our lives and to examine it all… 

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