Nature Art Inspiration

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With the weather warming, you are hopefully finding yourself outdoors a lot more. As we’ve talked about before, just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean that you have to stop creating. Just as fall and winter lend themselves to cozy crafting, spring and summer lend themselves to a new, beautiful, and spontaneous type of creative making… 

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The 6 BEST Tips for Finding Time for Art with Kids

How To Find Meaningful Time for Crafting with Your Children by Crafting Connections

This is Part 2 of a 4-Part Series designed just for you! Read Part 1: Help! My child hates art!  ::  Read Part 3: Why Pinterest is Killing Your Child’s Creativity (or 6 Time-Saving Tips for Coming Up with Creative Ideas  ::  Read Part 4: How to Build Creative Habits Today we’re going to play… 

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