How to Set Up Your Ideal Art Space for Kids

How to set up your IDEAL art space for kids - 5 easy to implement ideas!

I’m not sure how many art spaces I’ve set up for my little ones over the years. I can count at least nine off the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s more. You see, creative making has always been something my two kiddos have been interested in. Schlepping art supplies in and out… 

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The Everyday Beautiful Project

The beginning of The Everyday Beautiful project - inspired by 3191 Miles Apart

Just over a year ago, Crafting Connections went through a pretty momentous change. It wasn’t seen as much here in this space, but behind the scenes we were reeling. You see, after living just blocks away from each other for years in Chicago, Danielle and her family made the move across country to California.

DIY Kid-Made Collaborative Accordion Picture Books

working on our story - accordion book tutorial

There is something magic that happens when you put words to your little one’s drawings. When you capture their stories you elevate their words, showing how important their tales are. Today we’re going to make simple accordion books so little ones can tell stories of their own…but instead of drawing or writing by yourself, you’ll be… 

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