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IMG_8142 At our cores, we are creators, not happy unless we have a project, or twelve, to keep our hands and minds working. While we love creating on my own, we find that when we invite our children to create with us, the experience is even richer and more fulfilling, for us all.

This painted scarf project is perfect for collaboration!

The set-up is simple, the act of creation is novel and unique, and the finished product doesn’t scream “made-by-kids.”

Not only is it a perfect project for the little ones to make for themselves – they always take such pride in being able to use (and wear!!!) their work – it also makes the perfect gift. Something handmade for the little ones to give to the special people in their lives.

You Will Need

Lightweight Jersey Fabric
Masking or Packing Tape
Fabric Paint (we recommend Jacquard Neopaque)
Paper Plate for Paint
Toy Cars

What to Do

First cut your fabric to size. For a regular style scarf, we like 60 inches by 15 inches. If you want to turn yours into an infinity-style scarf, 72 inches by 28 inches would be about right.

Find an area in your home that is a bit larger than your scarf – we ended up using the floor! Cover it in newsprint or butcher paper. Tape the paper to the surface. This will give you a good space to work and will keep the project as mess-free as possible.

Then, tape the fabric, making it slightly taut, onto the paper. You may want to add some more lines of tape across the scarf. Do this for both effect (we made diagonal stripes) and ease. If the fabric is too large between taped portions, it may bunch as the little ones begin painting.

Add some paint to the paper plate, spread it out with a paint brush and drive the car through the paint.

Picture2 handpainted scarf - driving cars in paint - craftingconnections.net Start making tracks onto the scarf!!

Don’t let your little one have all the fun, get a car for yourself and drive with them. We had so much fun with our little ones – driving (and crashing) all over the scarf!

Keep going until you like what you see!

Picture4 Heat-set your fabric paint according to the manufacturers instructions.

IMG_8135 You’re done! Keep it as a traditional scarf or sew it up into an infinity scarf, it’s up to you! Now the biggest choice will who to give all your beautiful scarves to (and which you will keep for yourselves!!)

Explore More

What else could you use to make prints on the scarf? What happens if you use another color?
What else could you print onto? Give it a try!

Make Connections

 Who would you like to give the scarf to? Why?
Think about a gift you’ve received in the past. What made it special?

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