Roundup : : 20 Family Activities

Here in the United States it is the week of Thanksgiving, when many gather with family and reflect on things they are grateful for. Keeping with our month of gratitude, we have decided to have a quiet week – we will still be posting photos of gratitude throughout the week, but bigger posts and projects will be put on hold. We encourage you, too, to take this week to be with your family – to laugh and love, to reflect on this month of gratitude, and even to craft some connections.

Just because we will be a bit more quiet around here doesn’t mean that there’s nothing for you to do! Here is a roundup of 20 fun projects, books, and recipes to help keep you and your family busy – enjoy!

Indoor Projects

- Make some new napkin rings for your table
- Try your hand at nail art
- Dance with an autumnal playsilk
- Pat your head and rub your tummy thanks to your Action Dice
- Make a new Thanksgiving necklace
- Decorate some fall leaves for your table (printable)

Outdoor Projects

- Go for a walk on a gratitude trail, marking things you’re grateful for
- Can you make a Thanksgiving walking stick?

Good Books

- Nothing But Miracles
- Strega Nona
- The Curious Garden
- A Grand Old Tree
- Giving Thanks
- The Giving Tree


- Looking for a new Thanksgiving tradition? How about Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Pops! (printable)
- Simmer some warm and cozy Pumpkin, Apple & Thyme soup to fend off the chill
- A simple spaghetti sauce for the weekend
- Pumpkin Morning Bread would be a tasty addition to your Thanksgiving table
- A secret ingredient pumpkin pie is sure to hit the spot
- How to roast a pumpkin for the pumpkin recipes (psst – it’s easy!)

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