Endless Summer Cold-Pressed Coffee Recipe


Endless Summers Cold-Pressed Coffee Recipe

Summer means a lot of things – days spent at the beach, blue skies, shorts and sandals. Here in California, however, we get to enjoy the beach, blue and summer wear all year round. So how then can I tell summer has arrived? Easy – with iced cold-pressed coffee, that’s how! With it’s smooth non-bitter taste, ice, and a splash of milk-of-your-choosing, my cold-pressed coffee recipe calls up endless summers, no matter the time of year or weather (though it’s especially tasty when it’s hot hot hot out!)… 

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Preparing Sewing Patterns for Garment Sewing | craftingconnections.net

Don’t Cut Your Patterns

I’ve got an easy sewing tip for you today – Don’t cut out your sewing patterns, trace them!

Beautiful Woven Berry Baskets

Beautiful Woven Berry Baskets

With berry season finally here (first with those juicy strawberries, then raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries to follow – yum!) you may find yourself with a plethora of berry baskets. Instead of tossing them in your recycling bin, grab a bit of scrap yarn and a clean berry basket and sit down with your little one (or on… 

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Easy set up - How to Host a Craft Night (without feeling silly!)

How to Host a Craft Night!

Recently I was asked to host a craft night. I suppose it made sense seeing as creative living is both a walk I walk as well as a talk I talk. And I truly love meeting and getting to know fellow creatives. But I have to admit, at first the thought of hosting a craft… 

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Fabric Scrap Basket | craftingconnections.net

My Handmade Home

I make a lot of stuff. But this past year as I stepped back from work and suddenly found myself parenting kids rather than toddlers and babies, I’ve made more than ever.


Poem In Your Pocket Tutorial & Printable

Have you heard of Poem In Your Pocket day? Every April individuals, libraries, schools, bookstores, and workplaces celebrate by carrying and sharing poetry (that they keep in their pockets!) with one another. I think it may be one of my favorite “holidays” to celebrate – no real gifts or candy, just loads of beautiful words…. 

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Our Creative Notebook - Issue 1 RETREAT

RETREAT :: Creative Notebook Issue 1

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” -Hermann Hesse It’s been many months since we released our last magazine and in that time we’ve really missed publishing – the creative work that goes into taking disparate pieces and weaving them together into a… 

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Scrappy Quilt Top | craftingconnections.net

Quilting a Story

A handful of months ago I finished my first quilt. I totally used my intuition to put it together, knowing nothing really about making quilts. While it is far from perfect, it is warm. And ever since it was done I’ve been itching to start another, a little more proper this time. A couple weeks… 

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Waffle Sandwiches | craftingconnections.net

Waffle + Bacon + Egg = Awesome

Last fall on our epic family road trip, we asked both boys what they wanted to see or do while on holiday. My youngest replied in the most unexpected way, “I want to eat waffles.” What he actually had in mind was those sort of awful continental breakfast waffle machine waffles. And after a disappointing first few days… 

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