Essential Guide #1 – Getting Gauge

Beautiful green wool

Gauge is a simultaneously simple and extremely complicated concept in knitting. While the definition of gauge can be summed up in a simple sentence, how to measure it, why it is important, and the effect it has on knitting isn’t nearly so simple. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tackle it. We can and we will! So, let’s get started…. 

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Creative Notebook Issue 2: COPE

COPE :: Creative Notebook Issue 2 (free download)

Loss is a natural part of life, one we experience time and again right from the beginning. Loss can be hard. It can be sad and confusing. Whether you’re young or old, universally loss is rarely easy. But over time – and with experience – we gain tools and coping mechanisms to deal with loss… 

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Close-Up of Quilting | craftingconnections

Reaching for the Grail | Conquering a Quilt

I got my first sewing machine while I was recovering from an unexpected surgery early in my 20’s. After two weeks at home sleeping and binge-watching my way through the entire Six Feet Under series, my husband came home to find me in tears. I still needed to be home recovering for another 4-6 weeks and I was… 

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Reflections on Traveling Light - my recent experiences and discoveries

Reflections on Traveling Light

I’m writing this post to you from the road. For the past 17 days I’ve been on a great whirlwind family and friend visiting, wedding attending, summer celebrating tour of the Midwest. And, as always happens when traveling, I’ve gotten a chance to step away from the day-to-day routine of our lives and to examine it all… 

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Creative Meditation: a Simple How-To

Creative Meditation: a Simple How-To

Meditation. It’s a word full of assumptions. That it takes a lot of time. That it’s a shutting off of your brain. That only certain people can do it. That it’s boring. I could go on, but truth is, meditation is none of those things. Put in the most simple terms, meditation is a practice… 

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"We are choosing to create, no matter what that looks like or how we define it." - from An Open Letter to the Women In My Life

An Open Letter to the Women in My Life

This midday morning started as so many do, with a phone call to Danielle. This morning ritual has become near-daily over the past year, with one of us calling the other during the work week as the morning chores get done. But it’s not just about having company while laboring through the have-to-dos of the… 

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Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe - Simple and delicious!!

Garden-Fresh Homemade Pizza Recipe

Summer is here, and with it, I find myself putting down my brushes and pens in favor of puttering around in the garden or trying new things in the kitchen. For me, summer is a time for cooking and eating. For inviting friends over last minute and serving up brunch every weekend. Though I’m not… 

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Endless Summers Cold-Pressed Coffee Recipe

Endless Summer Cold-Pressed Coffee Recipe

  Summer means a lot of things – days spent at the beach, blue skies, shorts and sandals. Here in California, however, we get to enjoy the beach, blue and summer wear all year round. So how then can I tell summer has arrived? Easy – with iced cold-pressed coffee, that’s how! With it’s smooth… 

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Preparing Sewing Patterns for Garment Sewing |

Don’t Cut Your Patterns

I’ve got an easy sewing tip for you today – Don’t cut out your sewing patterns, trace them!