Quilting a Story

Scrappy Quilt Top | craftingconnections.net

A handful of months ago I finished my first quilt. I totally used my intuition to put it together, knowing nothing really about making quilts. While it is far from perfect, it is warm. And ever since it was done I’ve been itching to start another, a little more proper this time.

A couple weeks ago, with a few things cleared off my list and a bit of a gap in the sewing line-up, I was ready to begin. So, as I do with every sewing project, I headed to the internet! There were patterns to find! Fabrics to choose! After an hour or so searching and pinning and discovering, I was exhausted and overwhelmed.


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Waffle Sandwiches | craftingconnections.net

Waffle + Bacon + Egg = Awesome

Last fall on our epic family road trip, we asked both boys what they wanted to see or do while on holiday. My youngest replied in the most unexpected way, “I want to eat waffles.” What he actually had in mind was those sort of awful continental breakfast waffle machine waffles. And after a disappointing first few days… 

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Arrangement with Love Stones

DIY Love Stones

Today I’m sharing a lovely little tutorial on how (and why) to make love stones. Easy enough for anyone to make, these beautiful little stones are great for big and little ones. They fit easily into a pocket and are a lovely reminder throughout the day that you are loved. 

How to set up your IDEAL art space for kids - 5 easy to implement ideas!

How to Set Up Your Ideal Art Space for Kids

I’m not sure how many art spaces I’ve set up for my little ones over the years. I can count at least nine off the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s more. You see, creative making has always been something my two kiddos have been interested in. Schlepping art supplies in and out… 

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Bias Binding on Silk Datura Blouse | craftingconnections.net

Sewing with Silk

  This past November I made a trip up to Portland, perhaps one of my favorite cities of all time. There were so many highlights from the trip but right up on the list was a visit to the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store. (read more about Pendleton here) That place is a little bit of magic and for… 

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Crafting Connections - Hand Painted DIY Dresser Drawer Labels

DIY Dresser Drawer Labels

I’m always looking for ways to simplify. Crafty ways to organize and streamline. And in the quest to simplify, organize and streamline; projects get bonus points if it makes life with little ones easier. And these dresser labels do JUST THAT. Whether they are just becoming independent in getting dressed or they are starting to… 

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DIY Ice Lanterns Tutorial - a beautiful winter activity for kids

DIY Ice Lanterns

February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer.” -Shirley Jackson Though we are indeed at the end of February, much of us in the US are still buried in cold, ice and snow. With countless snow days and “danger cold,” as we… 

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How to encourage life-long creativity in your kids (hint: it's not nearly as hard as you think!) via Crafting Connections

Creative Kids : How to Make it Happen

Up until last year neither of my kids went to school outside our home. They were young and I felt that being home with me was the best choice for our family. This year, however, things have changed and suddenly I find myself spending 2 hours shuttling my eldest to and from her school. We… 

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Art projects to do with babies and young toddlers ages 0-2

Art + Baby? YES!

Babies and young toddlers are a fun, active bunch – constantly out exploring their world. As a creative parent, perhaps you’d like to start introducing your little one to art and making…but how? Many people think that babies are just too young, that art simply can’t be done with a little one who is so,… 

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