Create, Don’t ReCreate

Painting Spoon Puppets |

Just a handful of weeks ago my eldest son and I did a little making for Sparkle Stories – a puppet theater. To be perfectly honest, the project wasn’t anything super special. The theater, a repurposed cardboard box. The puppets, simple wooden spoons with faces painted in the bowl.

But when it comes to puppets and puppet theaters, I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t have to be fancy. The magic of puppets comes in the stories. The puppets and theaters are just there as props to help the stories pour out.

The stories that poured out from my boys from behind that theater were magic and made me glad enough to have spent the afternoon putting it all together with them. But besides the stories, the puppet theater also reminded me of a remarkably important creative lesson. One that I frequently find myself forgetting.


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Some of you that follow along closely may have noticed a little something different. We’ve made mention of it here, we’ve talked briefly over on Facebook, you may have noticed some pictures over on Instagram, but we’ve never really come out and announced it. When really, we should. There’s been a big change behind the… 

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Happy New Year Sale |

Happy New Year!

  I just have this feeling, that 2014 is going to be an awesome year. For me, it started by waking up for the very first time in our new home, on a completely different side of the country. Yes, that’s right, we moved on New Years Eve. How’s that for a new beginning?! And… 

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Winter Trees |

Taking Time

We’re off, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season and the peace and quiet that follows, with families and friends. This year is a special one for us. Andrea’s first Christmas in her own home; making merry with family and little ones in their own special way. My last living in the Midwest; soaking… 

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Make Your Mark 1856px X 1161px love Crafting Connections

Creative Inspirations & Computer Wallpapers – a little gift for you!

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here – with the holidays just about upon us, we’ve been busy connecting with our little ones while also, in our own little ways, making things merry and bright and all that jazz. Throw in a cross-country move (Danielle is headed to California!) and there’s… 

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Handmade Winter :: an eBook

Here in our space we talk a lot about crafting and creating with your little ones, offering projects and magazines – even an eCourse – everything you need to craft the creative life with littles you dream of. But what about us grown-ups? What about our creative lives? Danielle has shared her love of knitting… 

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Knitting Stories | crafting

Knitting Stories

I’ve been playing with yarn for over a decade – starting shortly after my grandma passed away, when I inherited her big mason jar filled with colorful knitting needles. During these years I’ve been fairly prolific – filling baskets with hats, drawers with socks, and scarves around just about every neck that would oblige. And while… 

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Abstract Painted Scarf :: Gift & Wear

At our cores, we are creators, not happy unless we have a project, or twelve, to keep our hands and minds working. While we love creating on my own, we find that when we invite our children to create with us, the experience is even richer and more fulfilling, for us all. This painted scarf… 

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Explore Touch | crafting

Explore Touch is Here!

The latest in our five issue series on the senses is out in the world today! Explore Touch is filled with seven touch-related projects plus Explore More and Make Connections sections to build upon and expand from each activity or craft. This issue also includes a well-curated book list,  beautifully saturated picture pages with quotations… 

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