Meg Freeman :: Creative Life Interview

Creative Life Interview Series

Today we are excited to kick off a new interview series with creative individuals and families we love! There is so much inspiration and creative goodness in the world – we didn’t want to keep it to ourselves! These are individuals we’ve had the opportunity to chat with on everything from what their creative lives look like to what they’re listening to right now (and everything in between!)

Each interview is broken into three parts – Tell us about You, Tell us about your Creative Family, and the Speed Round – Enquiring Minds Want to Know!

So get ready, because these interviews? Are amazing. Truly!


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mom and two boys shadows

Taking Time to Reconnect

Mothering little ones can be tough. Whether you stay-at-home or work, whether you co-sleep or use a crib, whether you buy baby food at the store or make your own, this is a tough gig. It is a job that doesn’t stop. And while we spend these early years pouring into our little ones, some… 

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beautiful glowing lantern craft for toddlers and preschoolers via Crafting Connections

Glowing Lantern Craft | a 10-Minute Project

Is there anything as sweet as walking with your little one? The slow pace, the way they are able to notice    e v e r y t h i n g.    I find these walks to be the perfect time to catch my breath and reconnect with my little ones. Sure, sometimes I start… 

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Kids at Christmas |

Gifting Connection : A How-To Guide

This time of year, our little family starts getting a lot of questions about what our boys would like for their birthdays. But with all the excess of December still fresh in my mind, all I can usually manage is to relay the message that they don’t really need anything. I know gifting, as a manner of… 

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craft to connect starts monday feb 3rd

Craft To Connect eCourse Starts Monday!

A month into the New Year – how are you feeling? Did you choose to set goals or resolutions for yourself this year? Or do you just have a general feeling for the areas in your life you’d like to continue to develop? I always find this time of year an interesting one – the… 

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A Goodnight Walk | crafting

On Our Shelf | A Goodnight Walk

Have you ever noticed how a little change in perspective can, well, change everything? Elisha Cooper’s lovely book – A Good Night Walk – does just that. As the narrator wanders down the block and back, you get a chance to notice the subtle changes on the block as the sun sets. As you read Cooper’s… 

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My Book Stack | crafting

Right Now | My Stack of Books

I don’t know if it is just me, but the stack of books I’m in the middle of always reflects where I am in life. My stack is never the same. Right now, just a few weeks after a major transition, my stack of books tells my story better than I could. For times when… 

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touch and feel texture hoop

DIY Touch & Feel Texture Hoops

This mini-magazine is a perfect little something to delight the youngest little ones – babes and toddlers. Whether you make it on your own or enlist the help of an older sibling, this simple project will be completed in no time and the tiny ones will just love exploring their touch & feel texture hoops…. 

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What's on my nightstand - lots of amazing creative books! via

Right Now | Books On My Nightstand

This year is the year of the book for me. A return to reading (and not just on my smartphone!) I’ve missed the tactile nature and weight of books – real books – over the past several years. Motherhood has meant many changes for me. One of them, without me even realizing, was an end… 

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