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Fabric Scrap Basket |

I make a lot of stuff. But this past year as I stepped back from work and suddenly found myself parenting kids rather than toddlers and babies, I’ve made more than ever.


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tempera paintings made by a 2 and 4 year old - "edible" paints can be confusing, use the real thing!

Why I Don’t Make Edible Art Supplies

I’ve noticed a new fad in the world of kids crafting – “edible” art supplies. Often this refers to a variety of paints, but can also include things like sidewalk chalk or play dough. And this new fad? I hate it. Truly. Every time I see a new post come out with an edible art… 

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Set Yourself Up for Creative Success |

Create, Don’t ReCreate

Just a handful of weeks ago my eldest son and I did a little making for Sparkle Stories – a puppet theater. To be perfectly honest, the project wasn’t anything super special. The theater, a repurposed cardboard box. The puppets, simple wooden spoons with faces painted in the bowl. But when it comes to puppets and puppet theaters, I’m… 

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We're Saying Goodbye to Say Hello |

We’re Saying Goodbye to Say Hello

Change. It’s the one thing in life that we can count on, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. Over the past 9 months we have been making lots of changes behind the scenes. Some you may be mildly aware of – like the disappearance of our print subscriptions. Others, however, never made it… 

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Making Homemade Granola with an Easy Granola Formula |

Making Creative Magic

I’m pretty terrible at following instructions. Give me just about any project or DIY – from fermenting kombucha to building a bench – and I’ll look at the instructions, skim them even. And then promptly ignore half of what they say. Not because I don’t want to make the finished item or that I didn’t… 

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Summer Crafts for Kids

9 Summer Crafts for Kids Ages 2-6

It’s summertime where we live and boy, it’s been beautiful! After a seemingly never-ending winter that still hasn’t faded from memory, we’ve been enjoying lots of time outdoors before the real heat of the summer descends upon us. There have been popsicles and swimming, outdoor picnics and crafts – lots and lots of crafts! And… 

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Ingredients for Rainbow Popsicles |

Colorful Rainbow Popsicles

There are a few things that are natural partners. Things that are better together than alone. Peanut butter and chocolate. Bacon and eggs. Summer and popsicles. Well, you might not have heard that last one, but we think it fits. I mean seriously, isn’t a summer day better with a little bit melted popsicle dripping… 

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What Does “Authentic Art” Mean to You?

Recently we had an interesting discussion over on our Facebook Page about the idea of authentic art (you can read it here). It was specifically in response to an article we posted, but our thoughts on the topic ran deep, as they did with fellow readers, parents and creatives alike. I shared my perspective on… 

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Explore Sight by Crafting Connections

Inside Explore Sight

Have you wondered what’s inside our latest issue? Well, let’s satisfy your curiosity, shall we?