DIY Kid-Made Collaborative Accordion Picture Books

collaborative accordion picture book

There is something magic that happens when you put words to your little one’s drawings. When you capture their stories you elevate their words, showing how important their tales are. Today we’re going to make simple accordion books so little ones can tell stories of their own…but instead of drawing or writing by yourself, you’ll be working with a friend or sibling to create a unique story that’s only possible with two people!… 

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Geometric Watercolor Painting

Creative Parenting

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently – about creativity, about parenthood, and specifically about the way the two play together. Often times I hear parents – mothers and fathers alike – lament the loss of their creativity since their little ones arrived on the scene. And I know how that is. Those early… 

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Creativity Quotation Postcard Set |

Just A Heads Up

Hello there lovely readers, friends. In just a handful of days we’ll be rolling out the first big change of a rather exciting – nearly six month – process planned for Crafting Connections. Starting on Monday there will be a brand new look in our little corner of the internet. When you visit, you will be greeted by… 

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how to develop a creative habit with your kids

How to Build Creative Habits

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve talked about your child’s crafting style, about finding time for making art, and about ways to come up with creative ideas. These are all key elements to developing a creative habit with your children – habits that will turn into life styles, into creative and critical thinking, into… 

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Why Pinterest is Killing Your Child's Creativity (and yours too!)

Why Pinterest is Killing your Child’s Creativity

Let me start by saying this: I love Pinterest. I love all the beautiful pictures, inspiring quotes and myriad of projects. But over the years, I’ve come to notice something about Pinterest…two things really: First, Pinterest is a total time suck. You go on for “just a few minutes” to find a new project for… 

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How To Find Meaningful Time for Crafting with Your Children by Crafting Connections

The 6 BEST Tips for Finding Time for Art with Kids

Today we’re going to play a game, OK? It’s called, “does this sound familiar.” Scenario 1: You have a craft idea so you gather up the tools – some paints and paper, a few brushes, googly eyes, buttons, glitter, and tissue paper. It takes you about 15 minutes to gather up and then set out… 

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child painting with watercolors

Help! My child hates art!

Sometimes, when reading through creative blogs and websites – especially those aimed at young children – it’s easy to feel like crafting must come naturally to these parents and children. The adults have endless creative ideas and craft supplies and patience. And the little ones? Well they are apparently the fabled children who came into… 

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Creative Block Review | crafting

Breaking through Creative Block

It is our business to be creative all the time. We publish a quarterly creative magazine – after all! Behind the scenes, and in front, Andrea and I are always making stuff. Projects. Ideas. Words. Photos. Magazine Layouts. With our little ones and without. And we do it all because we believe. We believe in… 

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The Secret is Out…

(This image is from our lovely Instagram feed (follow us!) – a great source of Inspiration & Creative Tips!) Have you recently felt it’s been a bit different around here? Feeling like something is brewing? Well you’re right! After 2 years of bringing you beautiful magazines and projects for your little ones ages 2-6, we… 

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