We’re Saying Goodbye to Say Hello

We're Saying Goodbye to Say Hello | craftingconnections.net

Change. It’s the one thing in life that we can count on, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. Over the past 9 months we have been making lots of changes behind the scenes. Some you may be mildly aware of – like the disappearance of our print subscriptions. Others, however, never made it out from behind the curtain. But amidst all our changes – changing our minds, changing our strategy, and ultimately choosing to change our entire business – a few things remained firm, rooted deeply in our beliefs, values, and souls:

- that everyone can be creative
- that crafting doesn’t have to be hard
- that creativity is a necessary part of life

And, perhaps most importantly, that we are surrounded by an amazing, caring and infinitely creative tribe (yes, we are talking about you!)

We are grateful for your support, comments, emails, and purchases. Crafting Connections sprung from our desire to inspire, educate and encourage creative families – knowing you’ve chosen to join us on this path is, well, it’s beyond words for us.

So why this post? Why are we saying goodbye…or hello?

Well, after much reflection, we decided that the magazine component of Crafting Connections was no longer serving the purpose we wanted and needed it to. Additionally, we had outgrown our current printer, but the next level was financially too far – at least for what we were looking for. We could have focused on only selling the magazine and doing nothing else, but frankly, we want to bring you so much more than what our magazine is able to. And so it’s time to say goodbye to it. After 2 full years – 9 quarters to be exact - our final issue will be released on September 1st. Back issues of our print copies will remain for sale in limited quantities (and we will not be reprinting) and we are still working on what will be done with our digital issues.

But we want to be clear, this is also a hello. Because all that content – the projects and prose – we wanted to offer? You will now be able to find it all on our blog! No fluff pieces, just well rounded articles – it will become your favorite creative online magazine! Yes, we have series coming out on how to do creative making with children of multiple ages, on finding and making time for art, and on what it means to be a “creative family” these days with all the technology that surrounds us. We have new projects and tutorials, even a few amazing contributor pieces, and we will be resurrecting our mini-mags in a shiny new form (hint: it will be more than just a project!) And we have stories to share – real stories about real people doing real making. We are SO excited to be able to bring this all to you, our tribe, to share it, to inspire, and in turn be inspired by you!!

So though the magazine may be gone, you will be getting so, so much more! We thank you again for bearing with us these past few months through the changes, and we are so pleased to continue this journey in a new and even better way into the future.

If you have any questions, or just want to commiserate, leave a comment or toss us an email – hello@craftingconnections.net. And again thank you from the bottom of our hearts - goodbye magazine, hello future!

Warmly as ever,
Andrea & Danielle

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