My Handmade Home

Fabric Scrap Basket |

I make a lot of stuff. But this past year as I stepped back from work and suddenly found myself parenting kids rather than toddlers and babies, I’ve made more than ever.


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Creative Sick Days |

Crafting A Perfect Sick Day

Just last week we had the first round of stomach bug to hit our home in 2015. There are so many things that I don’t love about sick days including the ungodly quantity of laundry that has to be done (twelve loads in one day, to be exact) and the way my mama heart hurts when… 

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Making an Out and About Art Box

Make Your Own Out & About Art Box

Life for little ones is very full. Each day is an adventure filled with so much new. New places. New people. New experiences. New learning. It can be a lot to take in and a lot to process. Little ones, just like grown-ups, need to have tools in their toolboxes for processing the days happenings… 

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How to Wrap a Furoshiki - a fabric lunch bag tutorial

Furoshiki Wraps for Gifts & More

‘Tis the season of gift giving both in the US and of course, beyond. And with gifts comes the question – how will we wrap it? We used to tend towards newsprint, recommissioned paintings and drawings done by our little ones (because we simply can’t keep every work of art that’s been made!), and the… 

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Putting on a Puppet Show

DIY Puppet Theater

Sometimes crafting is about the making – either the process or the product that results from the tools you use. But sometimes with crafting you move beyond the process or product and craft something that will get used time and time again by you, your little ones, or someone you love. This project is just… 

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Johanna Winter-Harper : Creative Life Interview

Johanna Winter-Harper :: Creative Life Interview

Today we are excited to continue our interview series with creative individuals and families we love! There is so much inspiration and creative goodness in the world – we don’t want to keep it to ourselves! For this series, we’re chatting with amazing individuals on what their creative lives look like and what they’re listening to right now (and… 

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Handmade Winter Main Image

Our Thank You Discount (and more!)

We are taking the week off here at Crafting Connections – visiting with extended family, fighting off early-winter colds, road tripping and (of course) doing a bit of making along the way. It’s loads of fun (ok, with a touch of stress thrown in for good measure – we’re only human!) but it also means… 

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Creative Art Supplies for Kids

Kids Art Supplies on a Budget

When we welcome folks onto our mailing list we ask them the following question: What’s the ONE THING that’s holding you back from living the creative life or raising the creative family you dream of? And while we do get a variety of answers, one of the most common is: MONEY.

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Creative Gift Guide for Adults

When we think about living a creative life and raising a creative family, for many of us our first thoughts go to our children. But what about the creative adults in our lives – our partners, family, and friends? What about creative gifts for *gasp* YOU? Well, today we’re super happy to be sharing gifts to make,… 

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