Colorful Rainbow Popsicles

Ingredients for Rainbow Popsicles |

There are a few things that are natural partners. Things that are better together than alone. Peanut butter and chocolate. Bacon and eggs. Summer and popsicles.

Well, you might not have heard that last one, but we think it fits. I mean seriously, isn’t a summer day better with a little bit melted popsicle dripping down your chin? Yeah, we thought so too.


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Creative Block Review | crafting

Breaking through Creative Block

It is our business to be creative all the time. We publish a quarterly creative magazine – after all! Behind the scenes, and in front, Andrea and I are always making stuff. Projects. Ideas. Words. Photos. Magazine Layouts. With our little ones and without. And we do it all because we believe. We believe in… 

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The Secret is Out…

(This image is from our lovely Instagram feed (follow us!) – a great source of Inspiration & Creative Tips!) Have you recently felt it’s been a bit different around here? Feeling like something is brewing? Well you’re right! After 2 years of bringing you beautiful magazines and projects for your little ones ages 2-6, we… 

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Toddler and Preschooler working at a creative table

Explore More: How We Make Craft Projects for Multiple Ages

This image is from our project Glowing Lanterns and is a great example of one project being done two ways for multiple ages. When you have more than one little one, it can be hard finding projects that fit everyone’s needs. Older children enjoy more involved projects and often like to work towards a finished… 

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Explore Sound is a creative magazine for toddlers, preschoolers and children through age 8.

Explore Sound Magazine Available Now!

Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing. My soul probably looks like Fred Astaire.” – Jarod Kintz In case you missed it, we wanted to share that our newest magazine – Explore Sound – has hit the virtual shelves! This magazine is filled with art, crafts, science, literature and more. We even have an… 

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Pop Sizzle Crunch - 4 Popcorn Recipes to Make and Munch - Crafting Connections Mini Mag 11

Pop! Sizzle! Crunch! 4 Popcorn Recipes to Make & Munch (a Mini-Magazine)

Do you like popcorn? Yeah, we do too. We like it so much that we made 4 Yummy Recipes for you to Make & Munch (and download for free!) in this month’s lovely Mini-Magazine. And of course we included our unique-to-us Explore More and Make Connections sections so that no matter your child’s age, we… 

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Decorating the letter H with hearts

Inspiring Alphabet Project

It was hard not to be personally inspired by the recent #foliophoto alphabet project over on instagram. Go look. I’ll wait. Cool, right?! Seriously, there were so many gorgeous photos. So many creative takes on each day’s letter. So much to look at and take in. I looked at the photos, added a few of… 

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7 Amazing DIY Cardboard Play-Structure Tutorials!

Recently I’ve been spending a bit of time over on Pinterest – being inspired, getting a few new ideas for my own home, and researching what I can do with all the cardboard boxes in our basement. You see, Danielle and I have both moved within the last 6 months and as you know, with… 

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Slow Gifting for Little Ones

Today we are so pleased to have Alison, of the Petit Cadeau, here in our space sharing some thoughts on thoughtful, slow gifting. Her ideas and insights, her gifting manifesto, and her honesty about her limitations will certainly help you think about your own gifting strategies and how they reflect the priorities of your family!… 

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