Furoshiki Wraps for Gifts & More

How to Wrap a Furoshiki - a fabric lunch bag tutorial

‘Tis the season of gift giving both in the US and of course, beyond. And with gifts comes the question – how will we wrap it? We used to tend towards newsprint, recommissioned paintings and drawings done by our little ones (because we simply can’t keep every work of art that’s been made!), and the classic brown paper packages tied up in string (or in our case, baker’s twine!) Recently, however, we’ve discovered furoshiki wrapping and are hooked! I think this year our packages will arrive tied up in beautiful fabrics – wouldn’t that be divine?! Furoshiki wrapping is a relatively simple skill to learn, but it can make for a most magical gifting – or even lunch-carrying – experience, indeed!… 

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Color Block Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern | craftingconnections.net

Color Block Infinity Scarf : to knit and wear

I’ve moved a good fair bit through the years – different towns, cities, states, and countries – but I’ve always lived in places with four distinct seasons. This year, my first in California’s Bay Area, is a bit different. While natives would, I’m sure, argue that there are four distinct seasons; it’s hard for me to see or… 

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6 creative tools to tame the mess - thumbnail

Tame the Mess! 6 Must-Have Creative Supplies

When I began crafting with my little ones it was pretty easy – just strip them down to their diaper and set them loose! But as they grew and wanted to do art more often, I knew that going clothes-free couldn’t always be the answer to taming the mess. For one, we live in the… 

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A Time for Retreat | craftingconnections.net

A Time for Retreat

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that last week I had the good fortune to attend a four-day art workshop along the coast of Squam Lake in New Hampshire. And many of you have asked for me to share my thoughts and experiences. But the truth is, I’m not sure that… 

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Close-up of a beautiful beach mandala

Crafting with Nature – Beach Mandala

Have you ever noticed that the most beautiful things in nature are impermanent? Rainbows, sunsets, blooming flowers, even old stately trees will someday fall. I think this is one of the most important reasons for little ones to be exposed to nature, to be able to explore it, notice it, and see how imperfectly perfect… 

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Five Creative Tools for All Ages | craftingconnections.net

Five Creative Tools for All Ages

I have fond memories of making and creating with my eldest, back when he was still an only child. I remember afternoons in the courtyard, letting him dip his tiny toes into paint and make prints on large pieces of paper. Slow mornings with a batch of play dough, mixing and squishing and molding. Too long afternoons, made… 

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tempera paintings made by a 2 and 4 year old - "edible" paints can be confusing, use the real thing!

Why I Don’t Make Edible Art Supplies

I’ve noticed a new fad in the world of kids crafting – “edible” art supplies. Often this refers to a variety of paints, but can also include things like sidewalk chalk or play dough. And this new fad? I hate it. Truly. Every time I see a new post come out with an edible art… 

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Set Yourself Up for Creative Success | craftingconnections.net

Create, Don’t ReCreate

Just a handful of weeks ago my eldest son and I did a little making for Sparkle Stories – a puppet theater. To be perfectly honest, the project wasn’t anything super special. The theater, a repurposed cardboard box. The puppets, simple wooden spoons with faces painted in the bowl. But when it comes to puppets and puppet theaters, I’m… 

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We're Saying Goodbye to Say Hello | craftingconnections.net

We’re Saying Goodbye to Say Hello

Change. It’s the one thing in life that we can count on, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. Over the past 9 months we have been making lots of changes behind the scenes. Some you may be mildly aware of – like the disappearance of our print subscriptions. Others, however, never made it… 

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