Our Thank You Discount (and more!)

What We Call Little Things for the web

We are taking the week off here at Crafting Connections – visiting with extended family, fighting off early-winter colds, road tripping and (of course) doing a bit of making along the way. It’s loads of fun (ok, with a touch of stress thrown in for good measure – we’re only human!) but it also means we won’t be here in this space as much this week. Before we step away, though, we wanted to share a few things (psst it includes a discount – yay!)… 

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Essential Guide to Beginning to Sew

Essential Guide for Beginning Sewists

When undertaking something new – whether setting out to produce a set, defined product or learn a new skill set  – it’s easy to get swept up and away as you search for a place to just get started. As relatively new sewists, we know just how hard it can be for beginners. You want sewing… 

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Meg Freeman - kiddo creating

Meg Freeman :: Creative Life Interview

Today we are excited to kick off a new interview series with creative individuals and families we love! There is so much inspiration and creative goodness in the world – we didn’t want to keep it to ourselves! These are individuals we’ve had the opportunity to chat with on everything from what their creative lives… 

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Organizing Kids Art Supplies in Mason Jars | craftingconnections.net

Organizing Creative Supplies for Your Family

Organizing creative supplies – especially in families with multiple children all working at different levels – is challenging, for sure. But it doesn’t have to be impossible!

Ready to go to the beach! - Messenger Bag - Made by Crafting Connections

Handmade: The Messenger Bag

One of the best ways, I’ve found, to expand my creative abilities is to say “yes” even when that logical part of my brain is screaming “What are you thinking?! Say no! You’ve never done this before!”  (Oh shush mind – it’s creativity, not brain surgery, everything is going to be OK!) So when the opportunity… 

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Supplies for Making a Pressed Leaf Wreath | craftingconnections.net

Make It Together : Pressed Leaf Wreath

Just a handful of weeks ago, I took the dictionary off my shelf and made an amazing discovery. There, tucked between the pages, were the most gorgeous pressed leaves.

Color Block Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern | craftingconnections.net

Color Block Infinity Scarf : to knit and wear

I’ve moved a good fair bit through the years – different towns, cities, states, and countries – but I’ve always lived in places with four distinct seasons. This year, my first in California’s Bay Area, is a bit different. While natives would, I’m sure, argue that there are four distinct seasons; it’s hard for me to see or… 

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6 creative tools to tame the mess - thumbnail

Tame the Mess! 6 Must-Have Creative Supplies

When I began crafting with my little ones it was pretty easy – just strip them down to their diaper and set them loose! But as they grew and wanted to do art more often, I knew that going clothes-free couldn’t always be the answer to taming the mess. For one, we live in the… 

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A Time for Retreat | craftingconnections.net

A Time for Retreat

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that last week I had the good fortune to attend a four-day art workshop along the coast of Squam Lake in New Hampshire. And many of you have asked for me to share my thoughts and experiences. But the truth is, I’m not sure that… 

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