Our Story

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Who are we?

I’m Andrea – I’m a mother, artist, clinical social worker and eternal optimist.  I share my home with my husband, my young daughter and son, and our large, anxious Great Dane.

I’m Danielle – I’m a mama, artist, former teacher and a DIY-er to the core.  I live in Chicago with my three boys (husband and two sons).

So why are we here?

In this increasingly digitally connected world, we have found that many people, ourselves included, are struggling to feel connected to their world and to the people around them.

As mothers, we recognize that this disconnect can extend to our children – to their connections with other humans as well as the natural world around them.  With the growing instant-availability of media and online answers, we want to ensure that our children grow with the ability to think critically and creatively.

But what can we do about this disconnect?

When reflecting on this modern-day conundrum of isolation within increased technological connectivity, we came to the conclusion that crafting can help bridge these divides.  Crafting can help us connect – to ourselves, to our communities, to our world.

The process of crafting forces us as individuals to question, learn, and ultimately create.  We are gently stretched as we come up with new ideas; we continue to grow as we learn new skills or work on mastering established ones.  The physical act of craft is often meditatively repetitive, creating a quiet space for personal reflection in our otherwise noisy worlds.

When we work to create with others, whether they are big or small, we build our connection with them.  We create a deeper bond by exploring our world and materials and experiencing the process together.  When we share what we’ve made with those dear to us, we build on the connection that already exists by giving a physical and tangible expression of our love.

And now, by being part of this new community, we connect with like-minded individuals working side-by-side in similar but different ways. We can learn from one another, sharing tips, tricks, ideas and methods.  And ultimately we can grow together as crafters, caregivers, friends and neighbors.

We consider the Crafting Connections publications and website a jumping off point, for you to craft the connections you crave.

Andrea and Danielle