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Andrea and Danielle have created such a great resource that I wish was available when Nola and Kira were pre-schoolers. The magazines are created with a sense of wonder and beauty. The words are calm and kind. The experiences are real. Crafting Connections mission to craft an authentic, connected, and creative life through the act of making is always present.

: : Helen Bird, Curly Birds

I highly recommend Crafting Connections magazine, especially to those of you with young children. The whole thing is in magazine format of course, with luscious photos, lots of great activities and projects, etc, but without any ads. And because of the issue themes, they feel a bit like a book on the subject.

“These are magazines that you will line up carefully on your bookshelf and refer to again and again.”

For those of us used to advertiser-funding magazines, the price might seem a bit steep ($15 per issue), but it’s well worth it. And if you order the digital copies, it’s half that. I loved my copy so much, that I hopped onto their site and ordered each of their back issues as digital copies to read on my iPad.

: : Jean Van’t Hul, The Artful Parent 

We’ve been using your Spring issue as our poetry lessons for homeschool – the boys have illustrated a picture of the raindrops going on their journey. We also have enjoyed the question prompts. I had never thought to ask my kids about the art in our house and both boys had a different take on which art they liked as well as why we do art.

: : Alissa Marquess, Creative with Kids

Crafting Connections inspires creativity and amazingly accessible art projects, but what makes the magazine stand out among all of the Pinterest projects is it’s ability to foster connection. Connection between parents and children, connection between siblings, and connections with the natural world. Because, after all, we don’t homeschool because of the subject matter, we homeschool because we long to explore and grow in our relationships with our own children and to help our children grow in their relationships with others and with the world. It’s all about connection, and our family treasures Crafting Connections because it provides us with so many wonderful ideas for spending time together, connecting through art.

: : Meg McElwee, Sew Liberated

To say I love this magazine (and blog) would be an understatement. The Wee One and I enjoyed a digital copy of last fall’s issue and liked every project in it (seriously). When I was asked recently if I would be willing to review their latest print issue called Celebrate Summer, I was eager to see how the digital magazine translated to print. I was not disappointed! I am one of those people who can talk to you about paper weight and finishes, and this magazine’s pages are marvelously thick and luscious. It doesn’t feel like a grocery store magazine; this feels like something you want to hold on to and cherish. The Wee One agrees and has carried our copy around, leaving it open to his favorite pages, then pouring through it some more.

: : Jennet Jones-Rau, Feathered Nest Studio

I cannot say enough good things about this magazine: the photos are engaging and beautiful; the projects are creative and interesting and fun (and, truly, simple enough for my preschoolers to handle). My subscription began with Issue 2: Winter, and I already can’t wait to see what the spring issue has in store for us…

: : Meghann, four wild blueberries

Audrey on her first read-through, stopped at every project and looked at all the photos intently and told me, “I want to do that one, Mommy!” By the time she got to the end, she’d decided she wanted to do every one of them. A sign of a good craft magazine, right?  

: : Amber, Rowan & Oak, Review 10/5/2012 

I love projects that involve “little ones and their grown-ups”!  I think it is so important to get in there with your children and make and create all while “having a little chat” about it all. 

: :  Jane, subscriber & author of Buzzmills, Review 10/2/2012

Crafting Connections is a new digital quarterly magazine that feels as though it was made for me.  The magazine is all about connecting with your little one through crafting.  The pictures are beautiful, the ideas are simple yet fun, and the seasonal focus makes it even better.  I think we all have those days when we would really like to do something special with our little one, but lack inspiration.  Crafting Connections is like a perfectly curated activity guide with suggestions both big and small. 

: : Carla, small +  friendly, Review 9/21/2012


It didn’t take us long to be inspired by your magazine. Our first craft was the simple sewing project. However, as proposed, ours has an “it’s 100 degrees out and I’m 8 months pregnant” twist… We made use of the materials around our house in lieu of battling heat/traffic. (This amounted to some chunky needles, needlepoint canvas squares, and left over craft yarn.) The process of working on our treasure pouch and the end product were immensely rewarding. It was fascinating for me to watch how quickly my son ran with the possibilities of our freelance sewing technique. I couldn’t help but laugh once he was done and immediately proclaimed it was now time to fill his newly created enclosure with trucks. How wonderful it is so make something with such an important purpose!   

:: Jess, subscriber


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