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We are excited to announce the second issue of the Crafting Connections publication, with a brand new twist…

We are still offering our digital issues but we’ve added a PRINT copy to our list of offerings! Yes! Print! Our gorgeous, thick print issue will make it even easier for you and your little ones to craft connections. No more having to pull out the computer or e-reader to get inspired, our print magazines are pretty enough to display on your coffee table. You can thumb through the pages together, dog-earing the projects that interest you. You can read the poetry together, talk about the beautiful images, take the recipes into the kitchen. And if you do spill or splash onto the magazine, we have designed the pages to stand up to take a bit of a beating and then get wiped-off no harm done. In short, we are so very thrilled with our print issues, and we are confident that you will be too.

Projects in the Winter Cozy issue:

- Simple Sewing : : Embroidered Leggings
- Time to Play : : DIY Dollhouse and Family
- In the Kitchen : : Butter and Biscuits
- Exploring Our World : : What Freezes First?
- Making Art : : “Stained” Glass Windows
- Doing Something Little : : Winter Ice Bunting
- For the Grown-Ups : : Take-Along Felt Board


Winter Cozy Online Content

Felt Board Pieces Printable
a downloadable stencil to accompany For the Grown-Ups: Take-along Felt Board

Winter Cozy Felt Board Pieces Printable


 Wynken, Blynken and Nod Poem Printable
a downloadable printable perfect for cold winter nights

Wynken, Blynken and Nod Winter Printable


Just as a recap, each issue of Crafting Connections is created with both grown-ups and little ones, toddlers through kindergartners, in mind. The instructions that accompany the projects are designed for adults to read and process. However, the imagery throughout is specifically included to engage the little ones. We want you to share the publication and projects together, using it as a starting point to get inspired and excited about the season and all that it has to offer.

In addition to the projects, you will find a suggested book list, designed to help children connect what they are crafting and creating to literature, to other projects within the issue, and to the natural world around them. Each issue also includes a book list, full-size photo pages with thoughtful and provoking questions, and poetry. Each project includes “Explore More” and “Make Connections” sections to help you build and expand upon every project – what fun!

As a magazine subscriber and an online reader, we hope that you will engage and connect with us and other members of the Crafting Connections community. Whether it is here, or over on our Facebook page, we hope that we can see what you do, see where the projects take you!