Questions about the Publication

- What age is this geared towards?
We designed our publication with toddlers through kindergarteners in mind, though projects can be modified for older or younger children so that they may also enjoy participating. Here’s a helpful article on how.

- How much adult help is needed?
Since our focus is on fostering connections, all projects are designed for the child or children and parent or caregiver to work together. Each project includes gentle questions to talk about along the way.

- As the parent/caregiver, I am not crafty, can we still participate?
Of course! Young children learn through play – that is all that craft is, another form of creative play. As adults we often focus on the end product, but the real fun comes in the process of crafting. Let your child lead the way – there is no “right” way for any project to turn out.

- What supplies do I need?
Most supplies you probably already have, such as paper, crayons, markers, paint, glue, tape.  Each issue will have a handful of special supplies necessary.  A list of these supplies will be included for you to shop for on your own, or there is a kit option available that will include all those additional supplies so that you will be ready to get started without any additional work!

- How much time do I need for each project?
Projects are designed to be fluid – remember, we are just giving you a jumping off point, it is up to you to customize each project however you see fit.  Also, we do not want you to have a false sense of urgency.  Projects will take as long as they will take – they are designed to be something that can be picked up and put down as needed.

- Are there ads in your publication?
We don’t think advertising aimed at kids is all that fun, so you won’t find any advertising in our magazine or on our site!

Questions about the Kits

- Do I have to purchase the kit to complete the projects?
No, the purpose of the kit is to make it easier to start working on the season’s projects right away.  Each publication includes a list of needed supplies if you would prefer to gather them up yourself.

- What comes in the kit?
Each kit description outlines exactly what is included.  The specific kit contents will depend on the projects within the issue.

- I have some of the required items, can I purchase just a few of the kit items?
Sorry, at this time kits can only be purchased in their entirety.  This may change in the future – we will keep you posted!

- I thought I would do it without the kit, but I’ve changed my mind, now what?
Never fear! Kits can be purchased at any time through our shop.