A Letter to the Grown-Ups

Welcome! We know you all are excited to start, but before you jump right in to the publication or online projects with your little one, there are a few things we wanted to share about what to expect.

The Crafting Connections publications and bonus projects were created with both grown-ups and little ones in mind. The instructions that accompany the projects are designed for adults to read and process. However, the imagery was specifically included to engage the little ones. We want you to share the publication and projects together, using them as starting points to get inspired and excited about the season and all that it has to offer.

If you are anything like us, often when shown a finished project, we are more likely to recreate it, rather than adding our own spins – though it is that spin that makes things exciting!  For children (and adults alike) the fun and learning happens in the process, rather than the end result. As you work together, leave space for your child to create what she or he imagines, even if it ultimately looks nothing like what you envisioned. Remember that each project is a jumping off point for you and your child – we want you to be inspired to try making the projects more than once with different materials, shapes, colors, textures. Indeed, we hope you will infuse each project with your own ideas and creativity, for that is what makes it truly your own.

Finally, as our name Crafting Connections suggests, the publication and projects are designed to support and foster connections. Crafting connections on an individual level between your child and the natural world; on a micro level between you and your little one; and on a macro level between caregivers invested in their children and the many benefits of craft as a way to integrate literature, science and art through creation.  It is our hope that we are able to connect with you, to craft connections amongst us.

We look forward to inspiring and being inspired by you all.

Andrea and Danielle